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3Dsimo book - advanced (in English)

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3D pen accessory - 3Dsimo book!

This book is made to suit our product, the 3Dsimo mini, but it also suits all the other 3D pens available on the market.
The majority of the projects in the book are about 3D drawing, but it does not lack tutorials and projects for Burning, Soldering, and Foam cutting as well.

Every books comes with another, smaller book that contains templates for all the projects.

  • 40 Unique, step-by-step shown projects.
  • 40 Supporting templates in the additional book.
  • Gallery of creations from a French artist.
  • Projects sorted by difficulty
  • Useful tips and tricks about how to work with a 3D pen.
  • Designed for MultiPro, Basic, Kit, Mini
  • Number of pages :
          250 pages - Main book with the projects and images.
          205 pages - Book with supporting templates

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