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EAN (bar code):
Number of pcs in box:
2.32 kg
6.39 l

Package contents

1x 3Dsimo MultiPro 2 (3 attachements - 3D, burning, soldering)

1x Drill set (Multipro)

1x Foam cutting set (Multipro)

1x Jigsaw set (Multipro)

1x Screwdriver set (Multipro)

1x Drawing pad

In total big package contains 30 m of filament (ABS / PLA)

Weight of big package - 2 kg


Weight (of the pen)

70 g

Dimensions (of the pen)

170mm x 34mm x 20mm




Start discovering 3D pen world with the Big Creative set of new Multipro 2! Our new 3D pen is stronger and quicker!

This set offers 7 various functions, additional filament and drawing pad.

Handheld workshop that can do not only 3D draw, but also solder, burn, foam cut, saw, screw and drill. Big package contains following attachements:

3D drawing: this attachment can use any material on the market and also those coming in the future. Thanks to changeable temperature and speed of extrusion. It is used for finishing work on 3D prints, repairing plastic components or for 3D drawing.

Soldering: This attachment is fully fledged replacement of a soldering station. It is a perfect fit for all handymen and technicians for soldering electronic components or fixing cables.

Burning: This one is suitable mainly for smoothing 3D printed or drawn objects. 

Foam cutting: 3 different sizes of foam cutting attachment

Jigsaw: Almost everyone knows a tool called jigsaw, which is used to cut wood, fiberglass and other materials. In our version is smaller and lighter than standard version.

Screwdriver: It is a great tool for precise work, for screwing in self-tapping screws into wood, plastic or soft metal. Our screwdriver is small and very capable. 

Electric dril: a valued tool in any household or toolbox of a handy maker. Thanks to microclamps of the Drill attachment, you can use drill bits (0,3 - 3,2mm diameter), engraving bits or grinding bits.

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