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DIGITAL 132/124 -30360 Adapter Unit

EAN (bar code):
Number of pcs in box:
0.52 kg
1.66 l

  • Adapter Unit – connecting piece for digital accessories
  • DIGITAL 124, DIGITAL 132
  • Connecting track for Driver Display 30353, Startlight 30354 and Position Tower 3035
  • Package contents: 1 piece (34.5 cm)

  • The connector for many accessories
    With the Adapter Unit you have various options to expand your race track to include cool accessories. In principle, this is a standard straight line for DIGITAL 124/132 race tracks (34.5 cm) with two connectors on each side. The Driver Display (20030353), the Position Tower (20030357) and the Startlight (20030354) can be connected to the connectors. Make sure that the Adapter Unit is inserted into the circuit in the correct direction. Making sure that it has been correctly installed in the direction of travel with the slot cars is possible thanks to an arrow located on the side. For that authentic racing feeling, it is of course also possible to attach outside curbs.

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