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EVO/D132/D124 - 20365 Double grinder, 10 pcs, from 2007

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0.01 kg
0.02 l

  • 10 double sliding contacts for racing cars
  • DIGITAL 124, DIGITAL 132, EVOLUTION (from 2007)
  • Connect your smartphone, tablet or PC to the Carrera Control Unit via Bluetooth.
  • Package contents: 10 x sliding contacts

  • So that your slot cars can tear up the track as they wiz round
    What real racing drivers need are, of course, the double sliding contacts. One of the few wear parts in Carrera vehicles are the double sliding contacts. After countless laps, the double sliding contacts are worn out and the cars may slow down. Now is the time for some new double sliding contacts to keep up with your friends again. The set includes 10 double sliding contacts, which can be installed in all Exclusiv vehicles from 2006, EVOLUTION vehicles from 2007 and all DIGITAL 124/132 vehicles. You should always have a set of double sliding contacts ready in your own "Carrera workshop". Because a good driver is distinguished by good equipment – to always keep the car in a good condition!

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