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GO/GO+/D143 - 61604 Bridge set

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  • Extension part – bridge for Carrera race tracks on a scale of 1:43
  • DIGITAL 143, GO!!! Plus, GO!!!
  • For decorating the race track
  • Package contents: 4 bridge parts with cross struts

  • Hitting new heights with the bridge set
    The beauty of the Carrera world is not only its exciting races, but also the lovingly designed diorama that characterise it. The model landscape around the race track is given a new lease of life with spectator stands, trees and meadows, lighting and various track accessories. If your race track is not just on one level, sooner or later you will surely need a bridge to connect your tracks. This bridge set consists of four bridge sections which together form a red suspension bridge. The shape and colour are reminiscent of one of the longest suspension bridges in the world: the Golden Gate Bridge in California. The bridge on a scale of 1:43 can be attached to race tracks of the same scale: Carrera DIGITAL 143, Carrera GO!!! and Carrera GO!!!! PLUS.

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