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GO/GO+/D143 - 61644 Ice curve 1/90 (2pcs)

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0.25 kg

  • Ice corner for Carrera race tracks on a scale of 1:43
  • DIGITAL 143, GO!!! Plus, GO!!!
  • To extend and decorate your race track
  • Package contents: 2 x ice corner 1/90°

  • A cool track element for real professionals
    The ice corner with an incline of 90° presents you and your slot car with a new challenge! On the ice track the Carrera cars have less grip and can fly off the track faster. With plenty of instinct and skill you can manoeuvre your slot car through the smooth ice corner. A little practice and you can even drift with ease. The pack contains two ice curves and supplements your Carrera GO!!!, GO!!!! Plus and DIGITAL 143 race track on a scale of 1:43. There are almost no limits to the expansion of your Carrera race track. How about after the ice curve, for example, maybe a seesaw or a narrow section? Get creative and make your very own Carrera race track. Do you want to stay cool and get your car safely across the difficult terrain?

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