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EAN (bar code):
Number of pcs in box:
1.42 kg
22.74 l

Package content:

1x 3Dsimo basic 2 (includes USB charging cable and 1 Tube with 15m of filament)

4x Tube with material for 3D drawing (60 m of filament)

In total 75 m of filament in 12 colours

1x drawing pad

1x Basic book

Weight of package - 1,23 kg


Weight (of the pen)

73 g

Dimensions (of the pen)

150mm x 28mm x 22mm




This big advantageous package offers a lot of 3D drawing fun! On top of the 3D pen it includes 75 m of PCL filament package, book with basics of 3D drawing and drawing pad.

3Dsimo Basic 2 is unique thanks to it’s battery, which lasts up to 2 hours. Also uses special non-toxic filament which melts at low temperature, without any harmful fumes. It is a great instrument for teaching as well as home creative projects of your children.

Key features of 3Dsimo Basic 2 3D pen

• Light and ergonomic design fits into every hand

• 65°C to 75°C nozzle temperature (safe and no risk of burns)

• Completely safe PCL material

• Suitable for kids form 8 years of age and up

• Charging cable

• 15 m of PCL filament (In this big Christmas package that includes also 60 m of PCL filament pack, in total you get 75 m of PCL filament in 12 colours!)

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