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ConQuest entertainment a. s. was founded in 1990 and it is one of the leading distributors of entertainment products in Central Europe:

  • Nintendo video games, game consoles and game accessories, video games from publishers such as Ubisoft
  • toys such as Carrera racetracks, Silverlit planes and helicopters
  • educational construction kits Boffin, Boffin Magnetic and fun kits Noyce Joyce
  • computer technology IT UMAX and others
  • innovations and technologies like 3D pens from 3Dsimo

Our vision and goal

The main goal of our company is not to grow or increase turnover, but it is primarily a customer who is satisfied with our product. The fact that the product must be high quality is obvious.


ConQuest entertainment is managed by a stable team, whose consistency and stability contribute to the prosperity and efficiency of the company. We finance the development of the company from our own resources, thus reducing the risk of credit burden. We guarantee long-term cooperation, benefits and services to our customers. We are located in our own office and warehouse space in Prague, Czech Republic, European Union.

Standards and quality

We have been on the market for more than 30 years and have gained enough experience during this time. We distribute solely products that meet the demands of today, with excellent quality, innovative technology and affordability.


The structure of our company is solid, but at the same time flexible. The main focus is placed on its functionality. We have invested considerable resources in information and communication technologies, available to all our employees.

Our employees

Our team has more than 95 members who have been recruited with an emphasis on the ability to grow and identify with the company's goal. Very important is internal ethics and culture of the company, employees work as a solid team so our customer can profit from services across all departments.


ConQuest entertainment has its own service center. Our technicians have professional equipment and information to help clients solve all possible issues in quick and efficient way.

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