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amiibo Xenoblade Noah & Mio 2in1

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Introducing the Xenoblade Noah & Mio 2in1 amiibo - the perfect accessory for fans of the popular Xenoblade Chronicles™ 3 game.

Join Noah and Mio, two brave soldiers led through the magical world of Aionios in a quest to uncover the true enemy behind a massive conflict. During their journey, they become friends so deeply that they are able to transform into an incredibly powerful being called Ouroboros.

This amiibo figure not only reminds you of your epic adventure, but also helps to enrich your gaming experience. Simply touch the NFC point with the amiibo figure to unlock unique in-game features, character outfits and other cool in-game bonuses.

Universal compatibility with the Nintendo Switch system ensures you can enjoy extra amiibo features no matter what game you're playing. Note that games, systems and the amiibo themselves are sold separately.

For more information on amiibo functionality, visit nintendo.

Benefits of the Xenoblade Noah & Mio 2in1 amiibo:

  • Enriches your gaming experience with unique in-game features and bonuses.
  • Easy to use - just touch the NFC point with the figure.
  • Compatible with the Nintendo Switch system and games that support amiibo.
  • Ideal collectible for Xenoblade Chronicles™ 3 fans.
  • The quality craftsmanship and detail of the figure will transport you right into the world of Aionios.

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