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Czech brand of electronic and educational kits Boffin was launched in 2008. From the beginning the main goal was to build own radios, detectors, lamps and hundreds of other projects. The kit is suitable for children from 8 years and the main advantages are:


  • variability of kits and high number of projects
  • possibility to invent and assemble own projects
  • color resolution of components for better orientation
  • simple assembly and disassembly of projects
  • teaching instrument at primary schools for physics lessons
Boffin has following lines:
Boffin I - it includes Boffin 100, Boffin 300, Boffin 500, Boffin 750. The number always means number of projects that you can build. The projects are described in comprehensive instruction manual.
Boffin II - thematic kits that are dedicated to projects focused on light, motion, green energy, house or sound. It includes Boffin LIGHT, Boffin MOTION, Boffin SOUND, Boffin GAMES, Boffin 3D, Boffin Green Energy, Boffin My Home.
Boffin III - – kit combines electronic components with cubes. (compatible with Lego and other brands. It includes kit Boffin Bricks).

Boffin Magnetic - Boffin magnetic kits with conductive pen, Arduino computer and other components. These include Boffin Magnetic and Boffin Magnetic Lite



The most interesting projects are game console, lie detector, telegraph tower, amp, lighthouse and anti-theft alarm. In total you can over 2000 projects described in instruction manuals.


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