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CARRERA meaning in Spanish language is race and we can guarantee you one thing. As soon as you unpack the box with the Carrera logo, your hot racing blood will flow to the highest speed no matter which circuit and which car you will be racing with. Thousands of fans have experienced this feeling since 1963, when the Carrera brand saw its first race track. Over the next more than forty years, Carrera made it to the top of racing tracks, cars and their accessories. Today, Carrera offers products of the highest quality, which are intended not only for children but also for adults. For them, they have become hobby tracks for life.

Carrera company was estabilished in 1920 in Fürht / Nuremberg by Josef Neuhierl, producer of quality tin toys.

In 1963, Carrera introduced legendary system “Carrera Universal” that was an incredible success for the company. Well-known and high-quality Carrera products became „babies“ of all motorsport fans and words „Carrera and „racing track“ started to be indivisible.  The legend of Carrera was born.

In 1967, the amazing „Carrera 124“ racing track saw the light of day for the first time. This unique racing system is still used today in the successful Carrera Evolution, Digital 132 and Digital 124 series (track scale 1:24).

In addition to the products of the Universal 124 series, the first slotless motorway was launched in 1978 - the "Carrera Servo".

The year 1999 was crucial for the management of the company, because Carrera was taken over by the Austrian company Stadlbauer - Gruppe.

In 2001, the "Carrera GO!!!“ was introduced to fans. This system combines the size of a track and cars in a scale of 1:43 and it immediately became the best-selling line.

Carrera introduces breaking news, this was the first year with possibility of linking racing track to computer.

Carrera's latest product is the digital "Carrera Evolution PRO-X", which allows you up to four cars that you can drive in one track including overtaking, stops at PIT TRACKS, refueling and other racing options.

The very successful PRO-X digital series changes its name to Digital 132. In addition to the name change, there are other benefits. It is possible to race up to 6 cars at once.

"A Revolution" in Carrera's menu. The Exclusiv series ends and is replaced by its digital version Digital 124. New Digital 143 series is launched, so offer consists of 5 different series that have various scale and functionality: GO, Digital 143, Evolution, Digital 132, Digital 124.2012
Exkluzivní licence nejen na Ferrari ale i na Red Bull a filmové postavy Avengers, Spiderman a Cars 2.

Carrera celebrates 50 years from the launch of legendary Carrera Universal system. Congratulations!

2017Carrera expands its offer with two more lines, Carrera FIRST and Carrera GO !!! +. The first one is for children from 3 years of age, the second one allows you to connect the car track with mobile application. 

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