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23842 BMW M1 Procar

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A hero of the 80s is now a cult collector's item In 1984 the no.101 M1 Procar qualified at the front of the grid for class B of the 24-hour race. The driver had little luck in the race itself. For the hero of the qualifying session the race was over in the 9th our of competition. Over 30 years, on this cult car can race around the Carrera racing circuit to show what its really made of. The BMW M1 Procar "Team Castrol Denmark, No.101" is an impressive, faithfully detailed reproduction with head, tail and brake lights. This Carrera car can be individually coded, it's digitally controllable and can also be used on a Carrera Exclusiv analogue set-up. Enjoy a pure and authentic racing atmosphere at home.

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