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Liann and Zoya go for a horseback ride. First they load the horse and pony onto a trailer and transport them into the forest. Will you join them? When they arrive, they brush the horses and get them ready for the ride. On the way, they find a fallen tree that serves as a jumping obstacle for the horses. When the ride is over, reward the horses with a tasty carrot, which they will surely enjoy. Then let them rest to regain their strength for another great ride. Where will you go next? You can look forward to a model car, a trailer, but also lots of accessories, including a saddle, carrot, apple, brush and ribbon. There's horse care to be had, but also great fun!

The LEGO® Friends building sets are the best toys for kids, where they encourage exploration and interests with the help of 5 girls from the town of Heartlake.

LEGO® Friends provides a place for girly secrets, endless friendships and great fun in the town of Heartlake, entertaining all little ladies. Five inseparable friends live in Heartlake Town and together they can take little builders to nature, school, sports and culture. LEGO® Friends is full of imagination-stirring details. It's a world of endless opportunities that inspire free play.


  • Opens the gateway to a purely girly world
  • new adventures in the town of Heartlake
  • high quality material and precision individual pieces
  • building with pieces trains patience, by building children develop fine motor skills
  • develops creativity and encourages imagination
  • practices fine motor skills
  • LEGO® bricks meet the highest safety standards

Package contents:

  • assembly bricks
  • 4 figures - Liann, Zoya, horse and pony
  • other accessories
  • instructions

Material: plastic

Age: 4+

Dimensions: 24 x 5 x 5 cm

Number of pieces: 105pcs

Country of origin: EU

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