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Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door arrived today on Nintendo Switch

A fun adventure full of colorful characters and papercraft fun starts today: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door has arrived on Nintendo Switch. Mario visits Rogueport, a notorious town full of treacherous scoundrels, to help Princess Peach in her treasure hunt. However, Peach is nowhere to be found! After learning of the legend of the Crystal Stars, Mario sets out to find them and hopefully track down the Princess...

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Dive into Endless Ocean Luminous for Nintendo Switch today

Start exploring vast waters full of marine life, hidden treasures and mysteries today with Endless Ocean Luminous for Nintendo Switch. With its soundscape and serene visuals, Endless Ocean Luminous offers both relaxing gameplay and a gradual addition of various marine animals to the game's encyclopedia.

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Nintendo celebrated MAR10 Day with games, news about the movie, and more about Mario

As part of this year's MAR10 Day celebrations, a new video released by Nintendo made several new announcements. The first two relate to the release dates of the Mario and his friends titles, and players will also be pleased with the launch of three Mario games on Nintendo Switch. And fans of Super Mario Bros. in the movie are now guaranteed to see a new animated movie based on the game series. 

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The stage is set in the Princess Peach: Showtime demo!

Enter the stage as Peach and save the Sparkle Theater from Grape and her Sour Bunch villains with the free Princess Peach: Showtime! demo, available now on the Nintendo eShop.

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Another Code: Recollection has just arrived on Nintendo Switch

Starting today, you can embark on a mysterious adventure in Another Code: Recollection for Nintendo Switch. Join an orphan named Ashley, who received a letter from her father she thought had passed away. This letter sets off a chain of mysterious events that lead her to the mysterious and remote island of Blood Edwads, where answers await. Who or what is behind all this?

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21. 12. 2023  Don't miss the Christmas fun! All about opening hours and services for the holidays! 2023, Press Release
Don't miss the Christmas fun! All about opening hours and services for the holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from ConQuest Entertainment. Your partner for games, consoles and entertainment. Attention, we are closed from 23.12.2023 to 1.1.2024! We will be processing your orders, complaints and exchanges again from 2.1.2024. Thank you for your goodwill and we look forward to seeing you in the new year full of fun!

Nintendo took home the winning statue in the Best Action/Adventure Game category at The Game Awards thanks to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdo

The Game Awards video game event honoured three Nintendo titles: the best action/adventure game was The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, best family game Super Mario Bros. Wonder, the best simulation/strategy game was Pikmin 4. All of these Nintendo Switch games represent new installments of popular Nintendo brands.

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Super Mario RPG is coming to Nintendo Switch tomorrow

Team up a group of unlikely heroes for a whimsical quest to fix Star Road in Super Mario RPG, coming to Nintendo Switch tomorrow, November 17. The original game was only released on the Super NES, both in Japan and North America, so now it's making its first ever look at Europe in a revamped form with new graphics.

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Game WarioWare: Move it! for Nintendo Switch will get you moving like crazy today

Get your hands on a pair of Joy-Con controllers and start moving with WarioWare: Move It! With these controllers, you can gently shake, dance, wiggle, and do other various antics in a variety of micro-games that take just a few fun seconds each.

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Super Mario Bros. Wonder is out today on Nintendo Switch

Surprises await around every corner as Super Mario Bros. Wonder for Nintendo Switch. Prince Florian has invited Mario and his friends to the Flower Kingdom, but another old friend shows up uninvited. Bowser and his minions crash the party and steal the Wonder Flower, which connects Bowser to Prince Florian's castle and turns it into a floating fortress.

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