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2. 5. 2024, 2024, Nintendo, Press Release

Start exploring vast waters full of marine life, hidden treasures and mysteries today with Endless Ocean Luminous for Nintendo Switch. With its soundscape and serene visuals, Endless Ocean Luminous offers both relaxing gameplay and a gradual addition of various marine animals to the game's encyclopedia. 

In the unexplored Veiled Sea, players will encounter more than 500 marine animals, some of which were thought to be extinct or even mythical! Once they scan them, your research assistant will offer you detailed information and other interesting facts about these animals. The mysterious Veiled Sea transforms with every dive. Players can go underwater with other divers, invite them to dive together or ride a lobster.

Nintendo Switch Online subscribers* can explore the ocean in groups of up to 30 players in Shared Dives. Greet other divers with friendly gestures, followed by exploring together. Once you've completed your dive, you'll unlock new wetsuit colors, stickers, and additional emotes for your diver. When you purchase the game, you'll also receive a one-week Nintendo Switch Online membership, so anyone can try out the online features.

Start looking forward to Event Dives* – themed dives that will periodically occur and offer even more chances to see marine life.

*Nintendo Switch Online membership (sold separately) and Nintendo Account required for online play. May not be available in all countries. Internet connection is required for online services. Terms and conditions apply. For more information, visit

**Nintendo Account required to redeem this offer.


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