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26. 2. 2021, 3Dsimo, Boffin, Boffin Magnetic

Let us introduce you brand new educational product Boffin Magnetic. It is unique tool for learning the basics of electronics, and for developing logic skills in a fun and entertaining way. For example, you can make your own MP3 player, thermometer or even a working gaming console.

It boasts unique technology - a combination of magnetism, conductive surfaces and non-conductive space for placing components. It makes everything really easy to connect and projects are built very quickly!

With components included in basic set, you can build more than 200 projects. Included brochure illustrates projects from the easiest ones, that will teach you how the individual components work, to more complicated ones, where you will be able to build a Gameboy, light sensor, measuring devices and much more.

Age isn't a limiting factor with this kit. Playing and learning new things is important all life. All projects that you can assemble are both fun and educational. You are going to learn basics of electronics thanks to this kit and that also means you are going to understand the world around you better.


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