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20. 1. 2023, Nintendo, Press Release

Fire Emblem Engage - the latest game in the long-running strategy RPG franchise - is out today on Nintendo Switch.

Every 1,000 years, legendary heroes known as the Emblem bestow incredible power on whoever carries the 12 Emblem Rings. As this ritual approaches, Alear - the prophesied Divine Dragon - awakens to collect the rings and bring peace to the land. At the same moment, however, Sombron - the Fell Dragon and Divine Dragon's ancient enemy - rises up and seeks the same rings, but with far worse intentions. Only Alear and those who have remained loyal to Divine Dragon stand between Somron and utter destruction...

Players will lead the Fell Dragon army into a series of turn-based battles that span across the continent of Elyos. Each battle is different, requiring its own tactics and approach, where knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the units is essential. The key element in the battles will be the so-called weapon triangle - each weapon wins over the other. Both heroes and enemies can use martial arts to give them an advantage over their opponents with bows or knives.

To win on the battlefield, it's important to plan your attacks carefully, using each hero's moves, weapons and special abilities, as well as the surrounding terrain. You can also collect emblem rings and use them in battle in the form of legendary warriors like Marth and Sigurd. Emblems bestow unique abilities and traits, and once you establish a strong enough connection with a hero, you'll begin to share their abilities as well.

Customize your gaming experience with a variety of difficulty settings and game modes for players of all skill levels. Normal, Hard and Maddening difficulty settings await you. On the other hand, if you're looking for a more leisurely gameplay experience, the Auto-Battle feature comes in handy to win all the battles for you. In Casual mode, fallen allies are revived after the battle, while in Classic mode their fate is sealed forever. If you make a big mistake in battle, just use the draconian Time Crystal to rewind time and get another chance (applies to all modes).

Fire Emblem Engage Expansion Pass* will offer four DLC packs to be released in the future, and is available to purchase now. The first one will be released alongside the game and will include additional emblems, new equipment and much more.

*Fire Emblem Engage Expansion Pass is sold separately.


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