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3. 11. 2023, Nintendo, Press Release, Switch

Get your hands on a pair of Joy-Con controllers and start moving* with WarioWare: Move It! With these controllers, you can gently shake, dance, wiggle and more in a variety of micro-games that take just a few fun seconds each. Strike poses called Forms, including the confident Fashionista or the chicken-like Ba-KAW, and then get moving. Check out WarioWare™: Move It! - Overview Trailer | Nintendo Switch and check out the game modes you can play solo or with friends.**

In Story Mode, you can navigate through a variety of levels, each with its own form, story and lightning-fast microgames. Each also has its own thematically related Forms. With two sets of Joy-Con controllers, players can play through the story mode with a friend. A boss appears at the end of each level for a special type of fight, and as you progress, more levels unlock with microgames that will rock you from head to toe: Megagame Muscles and the extra challenging Super Hard.

Once you've played a microgame, you can play it again whenever you want in Museum mode. This comes in handy if you want to practice your microgame skills or adjust the pace to a faster one and see what crazy and intense things can happen.

In local Party mode, 2-4 players** can compete, each with one Joy-Con controller. Reach your goal without being turned to stone by Medusa in Medusa March, or take on Galactic Conquest, a risky board game based on Wario's own rules. Move alongside your friends in these wacky competitions where everyone gets to play micro-games like Go the Distance, in which you have to do everything you can to stay last, and The Who's In Control? Show, a 4-player team guessing game in which one team watches the other and tries to figure out which of the opposing teams is really playing and which is just pretending. In Listen to the Doctor, you can even see who best follows the random commands of the strange doctor.

*If you're playing with the Joy-Con controller detached from your Nintendo Switch console, use the Joy-Con Strap to securely lock and fasten it. Hold the Joy-Con firmly and do not loosen it unless otherwise specified. Keep plenty of space around you while playing.

**Multiplayer requires one compatible Joy-Con for each player. Additional Joy-Cons may be required (sold separately).


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