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21. 7. 2023, Nintendo, Press Release, Switch

Today, Pikmin 4 is released for Nintendo Switch, bringing new blossoming adventures. A group of space travellers are stranded on a strange distant planet awaiting rescue. As the newest members of the Rescue Corps, players pick up SOS signals and set out to explore an unknown world inhabited by strange creatures. Fortunately, there are friendly creatures among them

Together with the Pikmin, spirited sidekicks who, though small in stature, are outnumbered, players will explore vast areas, search for treasure, battle wildlife, solve puzzles and rescue stranded travelers.

Stay on top of your Pikmin, control them and master both large and small tasks. Pikmin come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. For example, the red Pikmin are flame resistant and boast powerful attacks, the newly discovered ice Pikmin can freeze both enemies and bodies of water, and the remarkable glowing Pikmin, thriving in the dark, can stun opponents with their light.

Oatchi, an adorable rescue puppy, also joins in on this adventure. This trusty companion can smash obstacles, carry heavy objects, and carry an array of Pikmin on the player's back. Oatchi can learn to jump, swim, dash at enemies and a host of other skills.

Puzzle challenges, strange creatures and powerful bosses await the player not only above ground, but also in caves scattered across the planet. Time passes differently in these dark depths, allowing players to descend and explore the caves at their own pace.

Experienced planetary explorers eager for a tough challenge can test their mettle in nocturnal expeditions filled with pitfalls and more aggressive creatures. The challenge is to defend structures containing hot sap, a precious substance that hostile creatures are eager to pounce on. These Dandori Battle battles will test each player's organizational skills and effectiveness, whether playing solo or against another player on the same console. The challenge is to collect more items than your opponent within the time limit, win and rescue the survivor.

A free demo of Pikmin 4 is also available on the Nintendo eShop, allowing players to immerse themselves in this flowery adventure. All progress can be transferred to the full game upon release, and it's also a great starting point for newcomers who want to learn more about Pikmin.


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