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10. 9. 2021, Boffin, Boffin Magnetic

Boffin Magnetic announces new projects. This educational construction kit boasts on top of the typical educational projects also “build and have” a fun projects.

Connect your Boffin Magnetic kits and play against each other!

So far there have been possibility to play almost 13 various games on gaming console of Boffin Magnetic. We added new fascinating games for you and possibility to play against each other. From this moment on, Boffin Magnetic owners are able to build a gaming console and play against each other the famous Battleship game if they connect their kits.

Retro Octopus Game&Play from Nintendo is back on Boffin Magnetic!

For those who build gaming console on Boffin Magnetic, there is one great reward. They can play on Boffin Magnetic the Octopus game from 80's that is a real retro classic.

Other new games are Tower builder, five-in-a-row with possibility of extend amount of fields in the row. And we are preparing more…With Boffin Magnetic, you will never get bored!


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