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20. 10. 2023, Nintendo, Press Release, Switch

Surprises await around every corner as today sees the release of Super Mario Bros. Wonder for Nintendo Switch. Prince Florian invites Mario and his friends to the Flower Kingdom, but another old friend shows up uninvited. Bowser and his minions crash the party and steal the Wonder Flower, which connects Bowser to Prince Florian's castle and turns it into a floating fortress. As the power of the Wonder Flower begins to spread throughout the kingdom, all sorts of strange and wonderful things begin to happen. With Bowser's castle now completely out of control, players join Mario and his friends on a new 2D adventure full of wonders to save the Flower Kingdom.

Here are some of the highlights players can experience in this wondrous adventure:

  • A kingdom brimming with variety: Flower Kingdom consists of six different worlds surrounding the Petal Isles, giving players a total of seven territories to explore, including open areas to roam freely.
  • Wonder World: Each level contains its own Wonder Flower, often well hidden. When players touch it, they activate the Wonder effect and completely change the course of the level and gameplay. Pipes may start moving, terrain may tilt, perspective may change, or players may start floating in space. Your character may even transform.
  • The Whole Bunch is Here: There are 12 different characters to choose from, so players can take on the roles of Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Blue or Yellow Toad, and even Toadette. All of them are played for in exactly the same way. Players can also choose differently colored Yoshi and Nabbit, who cannot be hurt, so they are perfect if you are looking for a less challenging experience.
  • Lots of power-ups: Super Mario Bros. Wonder offers three new power-ups in addition to the familiar bonuses. The Elephant form allows players to smash blocks, fight off enemies, and even suck and squirt water with its trunk. The Bubble form, on the other hand, allows players to blow floating bubbles that can be used to catch enemies from a distance. And the Drill form makes it easy to deal with spiky or resistant enemies. It also allows players to burrow and move in the ground (or in the ceiling as well).
  • A bunch of badges: Throughout the adventure, players will be able to earn a variety of different in-game badges, each with their own special abilities. Take advantage of aerial gliding, increasing speed in the water, super high jumps and more. Some badges will also provide players with useful bonuses, such as an extra Super Mushroom, bonus coins for defeating enemies, or the ability to reveal hidden items in levels.
  • Share the fun: You can team up with up to three friends in local multiplayer. You can revive each other's ghosts, or even let Yoshi's player drive the others around. When playing online*, you can see which levels your friends are in and join them. You can play some levels in the normal way or make them a race. Even when playing solo online, it is possible to encounter live player shadows and special stands placed by online players. Touch them to bring them to life, or leave your own stand to help others.

The Nintendo Switch Mario-themed console - OLED Model Mario Red Edition is available in stores now (game not included). Along with two Joy-Con controllers and the Nintendo Switch dock, this console features the iconic red color, and a silhouette of Mario on the back. If you look closely, you'll also find hidden coin icons. Please check with your local retailer for availability.


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