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16. 11. 2023, Nintendo, Press Release, Switch

Gather a group of unlikely heroes and set out on a whimsical quest to fix Star Road in Super Mario RPG, coming to Nintendo Switch tomorrow, November 17. The original game was only released on the Super NES, both in Japan and North America, so now for the first time ever it's coming to Europe in a revamped form with new graphics. It will also offer a host of other gameplay innovations, including powerful Triple Moves that players can use in battles. For more information on the game, we offer you A Deep Dive Into Super Mario RPG trailer.

Early in the game, Bowser pulls out his old tricks, kidnapping Princess Peach so Mario has to rescue her. But this time - just as Mario confronts Bowser at his mansion - an even bigger villain appears: Exor the Giant Sword. He crashes down on everyone, shattering the Star Road and causing a tremor so powerful that the others fly in all directions. Mario not only has to find Princess Peach, but he also has to make new allies and find out what the mighty Smithy Gang is up to before it's too late.

Throughout this adventure, players will meet like-minded heroes who will eventually join you. Whether it's the friendly, Mallow, the mysterious Geno or even the evil Bowser himself, each member of the party has escaping "Specials" in their repertoire. Together they take on the servants of the Smithy Gang, who seek world domination and who have unleashed their metal menace on the earth. But you won't just be up against them, they'll be joined in the fight by Goombas, Koopa Troopas and more.

The game will offer turn-based battles, during which you have to time your button presses correctly with so-called Action Commands that will increase the damage dealt or decrease the damage taken. Perfect timing of attacks will cause damage to all enemies at once, while defending will help you defend against any damage. Each successful Action Command fills a piece of the Action Gauge. With it completely filled, you can unleash an extremely powerful Triple Move! It will vary depending on the composition of your group, so don't be afraid to experiment with it.

During battles, you'll also find various items useful. Players can use them to recover Flower Points (which are needed to use Specials), heal other team members, or put enemies to sleep. Weapons and armor give you even more power. Equip them to boost basic attacks or increase your stats. The newly added "Breezy" difficulty will delight less experienced players - it makes the game accessible to all and can be switched to at any time.


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