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Noyce Joyce

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1x Assembled kit of Nixie clock
1x Manual
1x 5V adapter

Noyce Joyce brings a new generation of electronic assemblies to the market, and these replace your regular wooden cut-out assemblies. The whole thing is made from PCBs. Joints are done with conductive hooks, completing a circuit, making the assembly not just beautiful, but also functional. You can find more details in our preview video below.

This product is already assembled!

Due to the great interest, we decided to create another limited edition of 599 pieces. This edition is limited because of the restricted amount of the number of Nixie tubes IN-12 available worldwide.

There are two options for mounting. you can either just put the clock on your night stand, or you can mount them on your wall. Each package contains 6 Nixie tubes. These tubes stopped production 40 years ago due to high production costs. But we’ve decided to buy out the remaining stocks from sellers we were able to find and bring you a unique limited edition of Nixie clocks. Assembly takes around 1-2 hours.

As we say in Noyce Joyce, The assembly is just the beginning of fun.

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