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EAN (bar code):
Number of pcs in box:
0.98 kg
3.46 l

Parameter Description
Number of projects 150
Number of components 30
Age 8+


Boffin Magnetic Lite set contains 30 different components that enable to create more than 150 projects. Each package contains a conductive fix-maker, with which you can draw other functional components. Thanks to this you can come up with more than hundred  projects of your own and the kit becomes more playful and fun with each session. 


Most interesting projects:

  •      Maze with different levels and lengths
  •      DJ Booth
  •      Anti-theft alarm (e.g. Food from the fridge)
  •      Futuristic music projects (Playtronica)
  •      Conductive 5-in-a-row
  •      Door lock sensor
  •      Possibility do draw a function button with conductive marker
  •      Conductivity measurement of various items, such as banana, bread and others, and more than 150 various projects.

The main component of all projects is a magnetic pad, on which you can attach individual components easily and quickly, resulting in a fun connections. In each package you will also find a manual that will guide you from the simplest projects to the complex ones. For each project you will find there graphical representations of the connection and also a description of what the project actually does and you can verify its functionality on your own. 

Boffin Magnetic Lite kit is developed and manufactured in the EU. 

Package contains:
1x magnetic pad
1x fix marker with conductive paint
1x cleaning pencil
27x electrical components
1x manual
1x template for drawing components

Please note: Batteries not included (4x AAA type).

- lots of described and graphically illustrated projects
- you can create more hundreds of your own projects
- easy assembly and disassembly of components
- colored components for better orientations (including description of their functionality)
- possibility to create your own components using conductive marker
- detailed manual with illustrations

Thanks to magnetic components of Boffin Magnetic Lite kit you're not limited to use of packaged magnetic pad only. You can assemble your own projects on magnetic boards, refrigerator or even metal door jambs. 

This kit is compatible with all products and accessories of Boffin Magnetic. 

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